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Brands are now beginning to understand that conversations via conversational chatbots are the best way to connect and achieve real time customer engagement.  Conversational platforms now make it simple for customers and website visitors to engage with your business or brand. Responding in the moment to a lead or current customer leaves the best possible impression. Immediate responses allow your business to begin building real relationships. 

After all, as humans, we connect with each other through conversations. Our greatest desire is to be heard and understood.  

A recent study from Neil Patel shows 9 of 10 people stated having a chat option was “expected”.  The tech industry has responded as launching bots has become easier given the rapid increase in artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing. According to Allied Market Research, the bot industry is projected to grow 30% from 2018 to reach $2.1 billion by 2024.

The bottom line, conversations convert.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to wait 24 to 48 hrs for an email response. Today, customers want and need immediate responses. Individuals that have had to wait have little patience. 

Utilizing a chat platform is a no-brainer, but not every chat tool is created equal. When choosing a platform to communicate with your customers, there are a number of points you should consider to improve customer engagement: 

  1. Ease of implementation
  2. Ability to experiment and optimize conversations
  3. Ability to make the platform “smarter”
  4. Ability and ease to escalate the conversation to a Human Agent when necessary (Human-in-the-Loop)

We will dive into each of these and talk through why we are excited to introduce you to swivl Live Chat. swivl Live Chat is a solution that enables your team to address today’s customers’ needs, improve customer engagement and, as well, as allow you to prepare to scale to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers.


Copy & Paste. It’s that simple.

5-minute implementation:  With the installation of two lines of code, you can be chatting in less than five minutes


Experiment and Optimize

Unlike many of our competitors, creating seamless conversations via swivl is as simple as a drag and drop interface.  Using our conversational onboarding tool, it is easy to create personalized Customer User Journeys and improve customer engagement. The swivl platform is built for continuous improvement. It’s never been easier to test, improve, and optimize conversational flows. 

Training and Tuning

The beauty of the swivl platform is that we allow you to start simply and develop the platform as your needs increase.

“Our system allows you to create simple rule-based conversations to have with your website visitors and customers.”  


Chatbots are able to provide an immediate response to web visitors. This is expected and desired.  However, it’s important to have a human available when the bot can’t provide an accurate answer, – With Human-in-the-Loop, swivl can seamlessly push to a human when necessary to provide a fast and smooth customer experience.  

Tactic #1

We saw 17% more people click on our “chat” when we did this…

We easily A/B tested our live chat’s hover message to determine which yielded greater conversions.

Why stop with “Chat with {Company}” when you can go with “Want to learn more”… or “Let’s book a demo”? Take a look:

Chat with Hoover vs. Let’s book a demo! 

Getting 17% more clicks is huge. If you used to chat with 50 people a day on your site, now you can chat with 59 a day. In a month, that’s an extra +49 conversations with customers. And it only takes 10 seconds to make this very simple but powerful change… 

Tactic #2

“When we stopped using traditional on-page forms and started using swivlStudio, we started seeing drastic improvements on how we convert.”

The secret sauce here is that you can go even deeper, seeing exactly what pages your prospects look at with swivl’s Live Updates

“Sounds great”, you say, “but what on earth is a Live Update?”

It’s a really cool power-feature of our Slack Integration in swivlStudio. Here’s how it works:

  1. Prospects land on your page. 
  2. They click on a CTA button that triggers your chat to pop up. (Ugly forms are now a thing of the past).   
  3. Your intelligent agent interacts with the web visitor.
  4. While all of this is happening, your swivl channel on Slack is getting live updates of what your web visitor is doing on your site — from how many times they have visited in the past, to asking about pricing, or browsing your product pages.  

You can add Live Updates to any interaction with a Slack Node. 

And anywhere you embed our live chat – on any page or site – you can learn from visitors and collect more leads. 


We invite you to learn more about how you can improve your customer’s experience with swivl Live Chat

and AI-powered capabilities.


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