Webinar: Use Data to Drive Personalization

Thursday, March 28th at 1pm ET / 10am PT

How well do you know your customers? The creation of conversational-based, multi-channel automation lets companies easily connect with their customers through different communication channels. This flexibility allows you to reach customers on the platform of their choice – where they are, when they need and want information.

However, to truly personalize each interaction, companies need to be able to access and actively use their customer data. Not only can this enhance top of the funnel customer conversion, it enhances the entire customer journey and improves your customer success efforts. We call this Data-Driven Long Tail Customer Success. By focusing on the Long Tail, you can personalize each touchpoint  along a customer’s journey with your brand, creating the brand advocates that every company wants.

Linda Bergonia
Linda Bergonia
Rodolfo Ramirez
Rodolfo Ramirez

Please join Linda Bergonia, swivl CMO, and Rodolfo Ramirez, swivl COO, as they host a breakout session on how the rise of data and human-centered technology across consumer applications is improving the way we communicate with customers. Recent developments, such as AI, enable companies to personalize each touchpoint, making customers feel valued and heard — ultimately building long-term, more valuable relationships. Today’s customers expect intelligent experiences. Can you deliver?

AI can enhance the e-commerce experience from end to end

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Learn more about why Data-Driven Personalization is critical to remain competitive.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Data-Driven Personalization?
  • Its importance in your long-term business success and how it can give you an advantage over your competitors while increasing revenues and decreasing costs.
  • How you can use and make Customer Data actionable to make the customers feel valued.