The Only

Self Storage

AI Assistant

With our self storage natural language library, swivl acts as the first line of defense to save your team time and help you increase bookings.

Human + Machines

The most natural partnership

We use machine learning to optimize your daily workflows.  Our “best of both worlds” platform is a human and machine collaboration that will help your team achieve optimal customer experiences. 

Solid foundation

No more starting from scratch. With our industry labeled natural language model, you can deploy your AI assistant from day one with confidence.

Import knowledge

Use your existing FAQs, help desk tickets, email transcripts, chat history and current interactions to build on top of our base natural language self storage model.

Constantly Get Smarter

Optimize of your brand’s AI assistant at the click of a button. Label data with the crowd powered by the swivl machine learning ecosystem.

> More about Data Labeling

Always On Chat

Never miss an opportunity to interact with a web visitor again. Answer your customers’ burning questions 24/7 and streamline revenue generating actions to get a customer to a conversion event faster. Escalate to a human whenever necessary.

We empower your brand to do more every day.

Intelligent assistants that allow your brand to converse with your prospective and current customers – ultimately building longer term, more valuable relationships.

Automation is the future of self storage. In the age of hyper-informed, store-anywhere consumers, your business needs to be always on, data driven, and customer-centered. Your renters demand it.


Our industry template covers over 20 industry related customer journeys. It’s never been easier to get started with personalized automation today.

Allow your team to brand every aspect of your customer’s buying journey. Our self-storage intelligent assistants have had more than 250,000 conversations automating storage recommendations, educating potential customers about locations features, and servicing existing customers.

We’ve had countless conversations with Customer Experience teams who tell us they struggle to manage multiple communication tools. With our integration into Slack and Microsoft Teams, you can service your customers in one single place.

Connect with your favorite CRM or data warehouse, interact with end-users, and automatically populate information for each user within your tool.

Omni-channel communication is expected from today’s customers. Whether they have last minute purchase questions or arrived at their unit without their Gate Code, swivl can help automate these customer touch-points.

Worry less with contactless

Operators across the industry are using data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and automation to drive operations. They dramatically improve marketing effectiveness and the tenant experience, which in turn increases occupancy and revenues.


Self Storage Locations Served


Automated Industry Conversations


Assisted Reservations (And Counting)


Increase in Lead Conversions

Always Human

swivl integrates with live chat software to escalate high-value requests to agents for focused support, ensuring a positive conversation by providing the agent context with a full transcript.

Drive Revenue

Customer service chatbots aren’t just for automating responses to FAQ’s and reducing headcount costs. With swivl’s AI chatbot, you can drive new revenue by automating reservations and providing up-sell opportunities.

No IT department required

Building a customer experience chatbot with swivl doesn’t require code or developers. The CX pros who know your customers best can create experiences and campaigns with speed and ease.

You Own The Data

Your swivl AI Assistant sits on top of our base model while also getting smarter based on usage, monthly interactions, and workflow outcomes specific to your team’s efforts. This plays an essential role in improving and personalizing your customer’s buying journey over time.

Happy Customers 😃

Report: Automation and AI Trends in Self Storage

  • Trends on how the industry is adapting to consumer demand and automation technology.
  • What areas of automation will have the biggest effect in the industry in the coming years
  • Key takeaways on what consumers expect from operators and automated services
  • The most frequently asked self-storage questions by customers
  • Get a glance at the conversational data that powers swivl