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Deploying AI starts with quality training data

An AI model is only as good as its training data. Using our no-code platform and vetted network of data annotators, we provide the training data you need to successfully deploy world-class machine learning models.

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All the data

💬 Natural Language Processing

📖 Document Data Extraction

🤖 AI Chatbot Applications

🎟 Help Desk Tickets

✉️ Email

☎️  Call Center Recordings

🍟 Drive-thru Window

👩‍⚖️ Legal Recordings

🚌 Autonomous Driving

👩‍💼 Insurance Claims

✅ General Classification

We build training exercises to be completely flexible. Let us know your data needs and we’ll design an exercise for you!

Beyond Capable

swivl provides powerful tools your AI applications need. We’ve built these exercises with quality and speed in mind so that your labeling workforce can confidently complete your data project.





Human Workforce

AI is not magic. It’s math and it takes a lot of humans. Let us bring the humans. Use your internal team or scale up with our network of vetted machine supervisors.

On Demand Machine Supervisors

swivl provides access to a qualified network of annotators that can scale to fit your specific use case.

Internal Workforce

We give you the flexibility of using your own internal workforce to leverage the full power of the swivl platform.

Deploy With Confidence

Always count on having full visibility on progress and performance of your AI project.

A dedicated swivl Success Manager ensures accuracy and reviews human escalations before you deploy.

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